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Sweet Potato Pie Tarts

Sweet potato pie filling in pumpkin shaped tarts, perfect for holiday baking.

Ok. So I originally attempted to make this recipe with pumpkin filling to add in the pumpkin cookie cutters because it only makes sense right? I totally failed with the pumpkin filling, maybe I just don’t like canned pumpkin flavor? I ended up throwing away the entire batch of pumpkin batter and looked around the kitchen for something else to add in these because I was also out of fruit. I almost felt defeated until I saw a perfectly good sweet potatoes starting at me. Duh ! Sweet potato pie tarts!

The sweet potato worked out great and honestly probably came out better than if I tried to make the pumpkin filling.

Like I said, maybe I just don’t Like pumpkin flavor, I'm really not a pie fan anyway but I’m pretty sure you can use pumpkin instead of sweet potato in this recipe.

I also used to make my pop tart recipe with plant butter until my talented Instagram friend @mamachingona_vegana who makes pop tarts for a living gave me the best tip ever, use coconut oil instead of butter. The tart came out so buttery and softer than my usual pop tart. This was the best tip ever !

The ingredient measurement in the filling is totally up to you. If you make sweet potato pie you should have an idea of how it should taste. I never made sweet potato pie but assuming this is what it should taste like.

Serve at a holiday party or make as a special fall treat ! These are perfect bite size finger food desserts .

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