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Raw Vegan Italian "Sausage" Pizza

A raw vegan dehydrated pizza that's packed with flavor.

I am really happy with the way this pizza came out. I searched the internet for a raw pizza recipe but couldn’t really find what I was looking for. No shade but they were all just alright. I decided to make my own. I used to work at a raw vegan restaurant so I put my raw vegan thinking cap on and went to work.

This pizza has a sunflower and flax seed veggie crust that's so flavorful you can eat on its own. its topped with a raw pizza sauce and pesto topping. The "sausage" crumble is made from walnuts and spices. The veggie toppings are lightly dehydrated so they are still easy to bite into. I hate when raw toppings are dehydrated so much that the veggies become almost like a jerky texture. There's no way you are biting into that without the entire veggie coming with you, leaving you with just a sad sauce and crust pizza. The lightly dehydrated veggies solves that problem.
I tried making a thick pizza crust and a thin pizza crust. The thick crust works great if you like a lot of toppings. The pizza can hold a good amount of sauce and toppings and you can pick It up with out it breaking. As long as you eat it right away. If you let it sit for a while it will get a little soft and you might have to pop it back in the dehydrator to harden up again. I prefer the thick crust for its durability, it just takes longer to dehydrate! The thin crust is good if you are in a hurry (as much as a hurry you could be in making dehydrated food) and want something faster. The only problem is the crust gets soggy from the pizza sauce and toppings and you might just have to eat it with a fork and knife (fancy, but still yummy).
I know the ingredients list seems like a lot but it’s full of stuff you probably already have in your kitchen pantry. Raw food was always extra at preparing to me anyways so what did you really expect, lol ?

Confession. I make pesto so much that I forgot to write down measurements and just quickly added everything to blender and pressed start. My pesto recipe is actually a guess but I believe it’s still on point. I also usually use a food processor to make it but wanted it to be well combined for the topping so I used a blender. I added it to a pipping bag to make my pesto topping look fancy.

Besides it being tasty, it’s fun to make. You can pre make everything and build a pizza with company for a fun raw vegan pizza party. I hope you enjoy making this.

Step 1: Prepare and dehydrate the crust .

Step 2: Make sauces and toppings.

Step 3: Assemble and take cute instagram pictures before eating. Enjoy

Long Introduction. Get ready for a even longer recipe ;)

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