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Plant Based Grocery Shopping and Tips

I created a simple plant based grocery shopping list that you can use as a guide each time you go food shopping. It has simple pant based foods that you can create a ton of recipes from. This is not something to buy all at once but to just use as a guide before you go !


Grocery Shopping Money Saving Tips.

1. If on a budget, I recommend shopping around at different stores. I like to shop for produce at farmers markets or produce outlets because they usually have the cheapest produce. Most of them have organic options. Organic produce is food grown without pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or artificial agents. You can also talk to the workers to see if anything was locally grown or how it was grown.

2.. Plan your meals. Before you go, create a list of foods you would like to prepare for the next few days. Try to make meals that have the same ingredients to save time and money while shopping.

3. Buy in bulk. Try to buy whatever you can in bulk if available. Nuts, seeds, flours, oats, dried fruits, beans, etc., are usually available in bulk.

4. Frozen vs Fresh. If buying frozen fruits to make smoothies check to see if the unfrozen fruit is on sale. You can always freeze your fruits.

5. Cut the process foods. Try to stick with fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds and legumes. The more processing something goes trough, the more it cost. Some process foods are nice to have when using in recipes but I would only buy if you can't make your own.

6. Eat seasonal produce. Produce not in season cost more to grow. Eating seasonal produce is also better for your body.

7. Group together items on your list to where they are in the store. This may sound really simple but it helps me shop quick and smooth. You are not running back and forth because you didn't see garlic at the bottom of your list.

8. Try to go grocery shopping for produce 2-3 times per week. This is just to insure you have fresh and crunchy produce each time you make a meal. Whats the point in buying veggies that go soggy in your fridge.

9. Have fun ! Don't make it overwhelming. It is a process to figure out what's vegan or healthy or not but once you get the hang of it its actually fun and easy.

Thats all I got ! Happy grocery shopping :)

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