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Framed Art Wall Decor

I had this pin saved in my Pinterest for a while and been eager to try it. I finally had the time (and energy) to execute it. I got the idea from ShiriBen on Pinterest. I thought it was cute and just had to try it. It was time to give my living room a makeover and I didn’t want framed pictures hanging up anymore. I wanted some type of wall art but also something that I made myself.

I also made the frame myself because I didn’t have a picture frame laying around. If I was going to do a diy, then I was going to diy ! I also wanted the exact picture frame design I made. So I made a post just in case you wanted to do the same ! If you have some frames laying around your house or find some cheap ones at a thrift store feel free to use them!

I like that you can be creative with this type of diy. You can use any color for the string and the frame. I wanted black and jute string to go with the vibe of my living room.

DIY Framed Art Supply List


•Wood frame or 1 x 2 wood board cut to whatever length you want - Mines is 2 @ 30” + 2 @ 22” to make 1 25x30 frame.

•Pre stain, Wood Stain and Sealer (if staining)

•Primer, Paint and Sealer (if painting)

•Wood Glue

•120 grit Sand paper

•Frame clamp (optional)

•Staple gun and Staples

Wall Art Supplies


•Staple Gun and Staples

Embroidery Wood hoop or Metal Ring

•Cotton Yarn

•Jute String

•Hot glue gun


Wood frame Directions

Step 1|

Cut your wood to your desired length. You can also get the employees at the hardware store to cut it for you. Keep in mind to take 3 inches off the width you want because the 1 x 2 wood is actually 1 1/2" wide. So 1 1/2" + 1 1/2" = 3". I wanted a 25” x 30” so I cut my wood at 22”

Step 2|

Apply wood glue to the piece of wood that is going to be in the inside of the frame. Staple to secure. If you have a frame clamp use this to clamp all 4 corners together. If not it will still dry just fine with some books on top of the corners. Let dry for a hour or 2 or until the glue dries.

Step 3|

Sand with a 120 grit sandpaper. Wipe clean and let dry. Follow directions to stain or paint if you are changing the color. Or just keep it natural.


The fun part : Wall Art Directions

Step 1|

Put on your favorite show or podcast, this might take a while depending on your loops size. Position the ring to the way you want it to be displayed.

Step 2|

Cut string long enough that you can fold it in half and it overlaps the frame just to ensure it’s long enough. Make a cows hitch knot around the entire ring. Make sure knots are nice and tight. Spread out the strings the way you want it in the frame. I couldn’t find a metal ring so I used a embroidery hoop. If you are using two hoops don't worry about the metal piece on the second ring. You can work around it. Just add the string to the front, you wont see it when it finished. See picture of how I worked around the metal piece on the wood loop.

Step 3|

Lay out the finished hoop and string the way you want it to look on the wall. Glue or staple the strings to the back of the frame. I felt like gluing was easiest but I did need need to staple some loose hanging strings that was glued to the frame. Cut off extra string hanging off the sides. Hang in your favorite spot and enjoy!

I hope this post made sense and was helpful and inspiring. Show me your framed art if you make one! I would love to see what colors and design you used.

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