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Dried Orange Slices

Super cute dehydrated orange slices perfect for food, drinks and decorations.

These are perfect for holiday decorating. They make recycled newspaper or grocery bag wrapping paper look beautiful on top With ribbon.

You can also use these to flavor up recipes. Use them in teas, soups, drink toppers or just eat plain. Taste like candy.

The best part is you only need one ingredient! Just an orange.

Orange- Seedless is best if you are using these for decoration. You won’t see holes in the slices. If you are eating them or using them in recipes then feel free to use whatever kind you want. Get fancy and use a mixture of blood oranges or even grapefruit for a colorful mix.

Dehydrator- A dehydrator works better than a oven because it doesn’t cook with heat like a oven does. A dehydrator just blows warm air on the slices until all the moisture comes out. It makes food more flavorful, pungent and also retains the nutrients. Sometimes a oven will burn what you are trying to cook.

After that being said you still can use a oven for this recipe. Just cook on the ovens lowest temperature. Maybe even try to crack your oven door with a wooden spoon to let some heat out.

Cut the oranges as thin as possible !

Try to cut the oranges into thin slices- 1/4 or 1/8 thick. If they are too thick it will take forever to dehydrate. The rine might be done but the flesh might still be wet.

Keep checking on these every few hours. Flipping them halfway through dehydrating helps the process.

If you are going to eat these or use in a recipe then store in a airtight container to avoid any moisture sneaking in. Mason jars are perfect, ziplock bags even works.

How to use

In food :

  • Add to soups that call for lemon

  • Add to hot or cold teas

  • Use as a cocktail garish

  • Eat them plain!

For decorating:

  • Add to garland, reefs and Christmas trees.

  • Wrap a gift and add on top as a cute gift topper or hang in a gift bag.


Save the ends of the slices and added them to a jar filled halfway with white vinegar and distilled water. You let this sit for 2 weeks and you have your own cleaning spray !

I love that these don’t have to look perfect to be perfect. Any shape or size looks good and people will wow at your fancy looking drunk garnishes or gift toppers. Let me know how you use yours !

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