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Creamy Cauliflower Pasta

This is a simple easy to make white pasta sauce. Don't get it mixed up with Alfredo sauce! It's less cheesy, a little garlicky, way creamier and fresh. Its also made out of cauliflower so you can sneak it into your kids meal.

Cooking Tips

I have an option to use butter or oil. In my opinion butter gives it more flavor but oil is completely fine. It will still be flavorful. I recommend Avocado, Olive or Grape Seed Oil.

If you have a cast iron pan use it! I love the way food cooks on them and you can put it directly into the oven after cooking on stove. If not use an oven safe pan.

Any plant milk would work. I used unsweetened coconut milk but realized it made my sauce a little coconut and sweet tasting. I still liked it but next time I'll try a different milk.

A high speed blender makes the sauce really creamy.

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